5 Indian States To Travel This Monsoon

5 Indian States To Travel This Monsoon

Gone are the days when anyone would advise you not to travel during the monsoons in India.

The travel concept has changed over the years as many travellers wait for the arrival of the monsoons to explore places which offer them enough excitement to make it a memorable experience.

Though India offers plenty exciting destinations but here we have listed out our top 5 states which are a must to travel in India during the monsoon season with minimal hiccups.

1. Jammu & Kashmir: Not the Kashmir Valley but just the region of Leh & Ladakh, which is a part of the Indus Valley and lies in the far flung corner of northern India. This remote place has some of the most exciting popular tourist destinations since it was opened in 1974, especially for adventure sport lovers.

2. Uttarakhand:This northern state comes alive during the monsoons. A part of the Himalayan kingdom, Uttarakhand has some stunning landscape, sanctuaries, hill stations and trekking destinations. Not to forget the river rafting which can be risky but with all the safety gears available is worth the effort.

3. Kerala: God’s own country, how true! During the rains Kerala is the place to be for everyone. The place invites you with open arms to enjoy its natural beauty and its unique safaris in the national parks and backwaters by boat, making it a very peaceful place to be. They say- One can smell the real fragrance of Kerala during the monsoons.

Kerala’s rainy season is ideal for Ayurvedic treatment as the atmosphere is cool, moist and dust free enabling your body to rejuvenate, naturally!

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4. Goa:Although not recommended to enjoy the sun, sand and surf during the monsoon, Goa offers lot more than just beaches. Being part of Goa’s spectacular sceneries and vibrant monsoon festivals can be an experience by itself. You can go fishing if you like and be a part of the dance and music of the locals.

Goa can be affordable during monsoons as you can get attractive hotel deals during this time of the year before the peak season approaches and the prices shoot up.

5. Madhya Pradesh:This might be a surprise, but yes, it’s true that this statein central India offers plenty of destinations to be explored. Sanctuaries can be a sticky affair, Khajuraho, Mandu near Indore, Bedhaghat near Jabalpur and Pachmarhi with all its splendid waterfalls leave you mesmerized. Following the Narmada Riverand the sporting adventures that it offers can make your monsoon memorable.