Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese Visas

Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese Visas

Chinese visas are issued to foreigners who wish to travel to China. The issuance is provided after the applicant has submitted all documentary requirements. In the US and in all other countries, China’s Ministry of Affairs is responsible for issuing the Chinese visa through Chinese embassies or consulates.

The applicant should own a passport that should still be valid for at least six months. It is also a requirement that the passport have at least one remaining blank page for obvious reasons. Without a passport, it would be impossible for any individual to be issued a Chinese visa. So what other questions are frequently raised by people who intend to apply for China visa? Here are some of those frequently asked questions.

How long is the validity of Chinese visas?

Single-entry tourist China visas are valid for just one entry to China within a three-month period from the date of issuance of the visas. Double-entry China visas take validity of six months after issuance. The visa holder could enter China for at least two times. Meanwhile, multiple-entry Chinese visas for tourists are valid for entry for as many times as possible within 12 months to 24 months.

Business visas could be valid for the same period. Student and working visa could last longer than typical tourist visas. Crew and transit China visas generally last much shorter than tourist and business visas.

Is there a need to submit the original copy of passport?

It is a requirement for all applications for Chinese visas for the applicants to submit the original copies of their passports to the visa issuing authorities. This is because the visa would basically be pasted on the passport. This is the reason why it is also a requirement for the passport to have at least one remaining blank page. It is not possible to apply for a China visa online.

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What are single-entry and double-entry Chinese visas?

L or tourist visas could come in single entry or double entry. A single entry means the holder should enter China only once within the period specified, usually three months. Double-entry mean the holder could enter the country twice within the period, usually six months to one year. There is also such a thing as a multiple-entry visa and it allows the holder to go back and forth to China for may times within a year to two years.

Could the visa application form be skipped?

The application form should be filled up and completed as part of the main requirements for applications for China visa. The form could be obtained from Chinese embassies and consulates around the world. It could also be downloaded online. The applicant is expected to provide accurate answers to all fields in the application form.

Could Chinese visas be applied through other parties?

In reality, people could apply for Chinese visas through reliable and trustworthy travel agencies that offer China visa services. Such agencies could act on the applicant’s behalf in submitting and processing all requirements with the visa issuing authorities. More people prefer to get through travel agencies because of the overall convenience offered and provided. Fees for handling and processing could also be slightly higher compared to costs incurred if you would personally process your Chinese visa application with the embassy.