Holidays in Estepona, Costa Del Sol, Spain

Holidays in Estepona, Costa Del Sol, Spain

Estepona began its humble origins as a fishing port and still the hauls serve the local restaurants, local people and tourists. Most tourists are attracted by the beaches but the area also has a significant cultural heritage of Roman, Moorish and Christian impression and there are ruins to be found dotted in and about the area. There are also two natural parks, which attain beauty that will surpass your original expectations.

The beaches afforded to this popular area are well cared for and carry the ‘blue flag’ status. There are three main beaches: La Rada is centrally located and is the most popular, it is very wide and backs onto the modern promenade. El Cristo is located just outside of the town and due to its location gets longer hours of sunshine. Lastly we have El Padron, this has a large car park and two beach bars. There is also a nearby complex with beach which caters for the naturist – the Costa Natura. The average annual temperatures can be as low as 7A�C in the coldest of winter to 29A�C in the warmest of summer.

There are two areas of significant beauty: Los Pedregales Park which has log cabins available for rental, leaving you free to explore the surrounding countryside. Permanent barbecue areas and picnic tables can support that ad hoc lunch. In the centre of this park, the Chapel of San Isidro lies like a pivotal point amidst this pastoral and relaxing area.

Sierra Bermeja Natural Park mountain range towers close to the sea and affords an hour’s drive to the top. Flora and fauna of astonishing beauty including the Pinsapos – a flat topped pine tree decorates the route. Once there, the panorama stretches beyond the white washed villages, across the warm blue laden sea of the Mediterranean taking in the rock of Gibraltar and the coastline of North Africa.

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Restaurants and other eating establishments are in flavour with its cultural history and also fuse locally sourced food to cater for the tastes of international visitors. From snacks to banquets, from fish to ham, there is sure to be a gastronomic memory that will linger as a keepsake.

At only 20km away, Gibraltar Airport is the nearest airport to Estepona but because it is not as widely travelled to as Malaga International (70km), it could be more expensive. Transfer arrangements can be made from both airports. Car hire is the preferred option due to its ability to get to the less travelled areas. Malaga is more flexible when it comes to transfer arrangements and can provide a shuttle service as well as a taxi. When booking your flight ticket try to arrange your transfers at the same time as most of these can be pre-booked and will give you a better idea of cost and convenience.