Incredibly Beautiful Beaches of India

Incredibly Beautiful Beaches of India

The beaches of India are a heavenly place for rejuvenating vacations and holidays. They are incredibly beautiful with the bracing sea breeze, refreshing wind, flowing waters, and awesome scenic beauty around. These beaches offer loads of fun and excitement in the form of like sunbathe, snooze in the shade, swimming, para-gliding, para-sailing, and snorkel. There is so much to enjoy and explore on the beautiful Indian Beaches.

Following are some of the most magnificent beaches of India:

Kovalam Beach: It is one of the best beaches of India situated on the Arabian Sea in Kerala. The golden glowing sands and the swaying coconut palm tress are the major attraction that acts as a magnet for tourists visiting India. This beautiful coastline is also known as the ‘Paradise of the South’.

Calangute Beach: This exciting beach in Goa is tagged as the ‘Queen of Beaches’. There is much excitement under the shades of palm trees where tourists from all over the world come for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Majorda Beach: This is also a marvelous tourist destination located in Goa, a city that is known as the Beach Capital of India. The soft white sands and aquamarine waters of the seashore are cheering and joyful.

Alappuzha Beach: It is an extremely popular beach that is known as the Venice of the East. One significant feature is the pier that is about 140 years old. Apart from that exhilarating activities like boat race, backwater scene, and marine products are attention-grabbing features of the beach.

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Muzhappilangad Beach: It is a gorgeous beach situated in North Kerala near Thalasseri. It is popularly known for its soft white sand, coconut groves, and in inviting ocean. It is also the longest drive-in beach in the country.

Konark Beach: This excellent beach in Orissa is characterized by a long stretch of sparkling sands and a divine stillness. It is best known for the scenic beauty of the sunrise.

Puri Beach: Located on the exotic coastline of Orissa on the Bay of Bengal, the beach is undoubtedly the most refreshing. The excellent view of sunrise and sunset along with the serene beauty of the beach leaves a lasting impression on one’s mind and heart.

Minicoy Beach: This exciting beach is situated on the southernmost island in Lakshwadeep. The crescent shaped beachfront embraces the beauty in the form of largest lagoons and a 300 foot tall lighthouse.

Bangaram Beach: This wonderful beach is definitely ‘The Jewel of the Lakshwadeep’ in the midst of Indian Ocean. The exotic beauty is witnessed in the breathtaking sight of blue lagoons, silvery beach, lush green coconut palms, and sparkling coral reefs.

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