KERALA – Why It Is Called the God’s Own Country

KERALA – Why It Is Called the God’s Own Country

Kerala is a small state in India, very famous for its scenic beauty. It is situated at the southern part of India. Malyalam is the mother tongue of Keralites. Kerala is simply a visual treat for the visitors. The typical houses with Mangalore tiles and plenty of coconut trees and greenery all around presents an immense joy and peace to us. One only needs to get rid of the daily work pressure and take the family on a trip to the Paradise. One has to simply enjoy the pleasure of sailing in Kerala backwaters and watch the very attractive snake boat race during the onam season.

The population of Kerala is 33 million, approximately 1.5 times the population of Mumbai. Its area is 38, 863 square kilometres. The state is bordered by Karnataka on its north and north east, Tamil Nadu to the south and south east and Arabian Sea to the west. Thiruvananthapuram is its capital. Other major cities are Kochi, Kollam, Ernakulam and Kozhikode.

There is only one place in India with literacy more than 90% and it is Kerala. The facilities provide are quite great when you compare it with other states of India. People are more broad-minded at every issue. They are friendly and its great to spend some time with them.

Now, the following things you see in only in Kerala, makes it really a god’s own country!

Classical and Folk Dances:


Kathakali is a spectacular classical dance. It’s the combination of dance, music, drama and ritual. ”Katha” means story and ” Kali” means play. Kathakali literally means ” Story – Play”. The dancers need special skills and plenty of patience since the makeup of the artistes is a time consuming process. Kathakali is famous for the very attractive make-up and elaborate colourful costumes, detailed gestures and well defined body moments in tune with the music.

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Mohini Attam:

Mohini Attam is a classical dance. Mohini means lady. Attam means graceful and sensuous body movements. Mohiniattam means dance of the enchantress. The dance depicts the story of the devathas( angels) and the asuras(devils) churning out amrut(nectar) from an ocean. Lord Vishnu transforms himself as Mohini and used her guile to lure away the asuras from nectar and gave it to the devathas.


Theyyam is also known as Kaliyattam or Thirayattam. It is one of the most outstanding folk dances of Kerala. It’s a sacred ritual dance performed to glorify the goddess Kaali.

Martial Arts:

Kalaripayattu is a well known martial art in Kerala. It means learning exercise of war fight. It comprises strikes, grips, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods etc.

Nature Cure and Ayurveda therapy:

Kerala is also well known for Nature Cure and Ayurveda therapy. The treatment may comprise Yoga, Herbal medicine treatment, mud bath, Diet Therapy, Stress Management etc.


Kerala politics revolves around communism and INC. The ruling parties are either right wing communist combination or left wing communist combination alternating between these combinations.


Anantha Padmanabh Swamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram(treasure trove) has become internationally famous recently due to is new found treasure. Sabarimala, Ayyappa temple, and Guruvayyur, Sri Krishna temple are the other popular temples.

The great positive energy surrounding these temples can, t be explained with words, you have to feel it.

Snake Boat Race:

The Nehru trophy boat race is the popular boat race in Kerala. It’s called ” Vallam Kali” in Malayalam. It means boat game. The race is conducted on the every second Saturday of August every year and it’s a major tourist attraction. The boat is about 40 metres(120 feet) long and comprises of about 120 rowers.

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Idiyappam, Paal- Appam, Puttu and Aviyal are some of their popular food preparations. Coconuts are available in plenty. As such coconut is used in most of the food preparations.


Vishu is their new year. It falls in the month of April. They believe that their good luck will prevail if they see the ‘Kani’ on this day. Coconuts, fruits, Konna flowers and cereals are kept in big pots to prepare the Kani. The other major festival is Onam. This festival is celebrated in the memory of the great philanthropic demon king Maha Bali. This festival is celebrated in the month of August/ September every year with great enthusiasm. They also celebrate other big festivals like Christmas, Easter, Navratri, Janmashtami, Maha Shivratri, Ramzan, Bakrid, Muharram etc. like rest of India. Each festival is an amazing experience.

Hill Stations:

Idukki, Chembra Peak, Lakkidi, Chitirapuram and Devikulam are the hill stations here. Idukki is a well known hill station.

National Parks:

There are three National Parks located here i. e Periyar National Park, Eravikulam National Park and Silent Valley National Park.

Wildlife Sanctuaries:

Some of them are Idukki, Periyar, Aralam, Chinnar, Rajamala, Munnar or Eravikulam etc.


Kovalam is a very popular beach in Thiruvananthapuram. It is famous for crystal clear water. Many tourists frequently visit this place. The other beaches are Alappuzha, Nattiga, Cherai, Kappad etc. Kerala tourism department is planning to develop 22 beaches including Kovalam to attract tourists.

Much more to see and experience, everyone is welcome to Kerala, Enjoy the paradise before you go to hell or preferably heaven, for it will be an amazing experience.

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