Los Angeles Tourism – A Guide to the City of Angels

Los Angeles Tourism – A Guide to the City of Angels

Los Angeles is a place where popular people love to stay or visit, particularly those in the entertainment industry. The most popular stars are all placed in Hollywood. Surely, those who think of going to LA would also want to look or pay tribute to their Hollywood favorites. But the entertainment world is not all there is when we talk about LA tourism. There is more to this wonderful place than just what stars and their fans enjoy.

Quick Facts

Los Angeles is the biggest city in California, USA. It is also the second largest city in the US with a population of about 3.8 million and an area of 498 sq. miles. It is considered as an Alpha World City with 12.9 residents with diversified cultures and nationalities and 224 languages.

The city swarms with centers for a variety of industries, including international trade, business, education, entertainment and fashion, science and technology, and media. The economy of the city is very substantial that it is one of the drivers of the economic growth in the US. Mostly, it is popular for its entertainment industry where it leads motion pictures, music, and the television. In fact, entertainment bears the trademark of the place where it is recognized worldwide.

Where in Los Angeles

Being one of the business centers of the world carrying different industries, the city is made of various neighborhoods. Many independent cities are built within and outside of LA. As such, tourism is about different areas of this large cities. Nevertheless, generally, these different cities is still engulfed within the areas.

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The following are divisions of the city where tourists can go to:

o Downtown Area

o Northeast. This includes the Eagle Rock and Highland Park

o Eastside – South Los Angeles. To locals, this is referred to as South Central

o Westside Los Angeles

o Hollywood. Often mistaken as separate city but actually just a part of Los Angeles

o Harbor Area

o Wilshire

o San Fernando Valley

o Cresenta Valley

Major communities where tourists can go and experience fun-filled LA tourism vacations with hotel accommodations, packages, and tours include:

o Brentwood

o Pacific Palisades

o Hancock Park

o Hollywood Hills

o Benedict Canyon

o Bel Air

o West wood

o Koreatown

o Hollywood

o Silver Lake

o Los Feliz

o Venice Beach

o Baldwin Hills

o Leimart Park

o West Adam

o Watts

Major landmarks that visitors can start looking into are:

o Watts Towers

o Hollywood Bowl

o Capitol Records Tower

o Los Angeles County Museum of Art

o Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

o Griffith Observatory

o Walt Disney Concert Hall

o Staples Center

o Getty Center

Getting Help with LA Tourism

It is easy to experience the LA tourism activities as there are plenty of agencies and organizations that cater to tourists. Services may include Visa or passport facilitation, booking of hotels and accommodations, arranging tours, and many others. Visitors can start looking at resources like the Internet and tourist publications to learn more about how to get to LA and experience what the place has to offer.