Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India

This advancement on the health care front has made the country a hot spot amongst foreigners as the medical facilities here are not only par excellence but also available at much affordable prices.

India has a pool of some of the best doctors in the world. From heart surgeons to yoga experts you name it and India has them in numbers. The country also boasts of world class hospitals which offer amenities matching unto 5 star levels. Being one of the most traversed countries amongst foreigners, Medical Tourism India combines the best of healthcare and holiday.

The most popular surgeries include the heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, knee transplants and dental care. The hospitals in India are dedicated to the patients and fully take care of each and every need of theirs. A tourist who is traveling for the purpose of medical treatment can choose from a number of hospitals depending on his pocket.

A lot of people suffer dental problems. Dental Care in India has been drawing a lot of tourists because of the varied range of dental treatments the country offers. This includes dental implant, porcelain metal crowns, root canal, teeth whitening, smile designing. These are just a few amongst a number of other dental treatments available. The dentists are some of the best trained practitioners. These dental care treatments are all available at a fraction of what it would cost in other countries around the globe.

India is home to some of the most important branches of medicine including Allopathy, Unani, Homeopathy or Ayurvedic. Medical tourism India also attracts tourists for getting treated under these branches of medicine which to some extent are unique to India.

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Some of the best hospitals of India include All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai amongst many others. AIIMS is a government run institute with the best doctors and best medical facilities and all of the treatment can be obtained at the most reasonable rates. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is a luxury hospital that again offers the best practitioners for all possible treatments. PD Hinduja Hospital is the best hospital as far as critical care, diagonosis and investigation is concerned. Apart from these hospitals there are a number of hospitals located pan-India offering some of the best treatment and services

Apart from some of the best hospitals which provide health care facilities beyond the best, India also boasts of some of the most exotic spas. Spas are the best way to rejuvenate oneself. Spa tours India come with a package of some of the best spas to ensure that you revitalize yourself completely in your holidays.

Medical Tourism India offers the following major benefits to foreign tourists:

* India has some of the top-notch doctors with unparalleled finesse who have been practicing for years and are very well experienced.

* The Hospital are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI)

* A medical treatment in India generally costs only 75% of what it would cost in US or other European nations.

So if you are suffering any ailment and wish get to get treatment for the same, visit India. The burgeoning rate in medical tourists traveling to India every year is proof that India has the best medical treatment available for all problems pertaining to health and relaxation.

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