Mumbai: An Exciting City

Mumbai: An Exciting City

Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in India and offers an exciting vacation to the large number of tourists that travel to the city throughout the year. Mumbai is made up of seven districts, namely, South Mumbai, South Central Mumbai, North Central Mumbai, Western Suburbs, Harbour Suburbs and Northwest Mumbai and there are a number of budget hotels in Mumbai that offer some affordable accommodation.

The city s well connected to most other major cities in the country, with many flights connecting it to all the major cities in the country, as well as a number of countries in different parts of the world, like London, Hong Kong and New York. There are also a number of buses coming t the city from various places that are located nearby. Many tourists that visit the city choose to travel here by train, and there are a number of trains arriving here from various places in the city. There are a number of taxis and auto rickshaws that are found in the country and most locals use public transport to get around as Mumbai is very crowded and the traffic conditions can be quite bad. It is also hard to find parking in the city, which is why public transport is the best option when it comes to getting around in the city.

There are many wonderful places to see in the city and a majority of the tourist attractions here are concentrated in South Mumbai. South Mumbai is also popular for its clean, wide pavements, which are different from the ones found in most other parts of the city. There are some beaches found in the city but have very little to offer as they are poorly maintained and the water is dirty. The stalls that are located along the beach offer people a chance to play games or try some food. Since Mumbai is the home of Bollywood, a trip to Film city can be a wonderful experience and one could also get a chance to see a real Bollywood film shooting. There are also some wonderful hotels in the city where one can find some great accommodation that fits the budget.

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Mumbai is one of the best places to visit if one is looking for an exciting time with a lot to do on a vacation. There is very little peace offered here and it is a wonderful holiday destination for someone who is looking for something different.