Place to Visit in Ivory Coast

Place to Visit in Ivory Coast

The French-speaking land of the Republic of Ivory Coast is found in western Africa that boasts of a dry climate most of other year; highly-ideal for travelers to the country. Apart from the country’s pleasant climate, just as pleasant and even more are its folks, culture, and scenery.

The country is brimming with so much history and color that tourists will doubtless come across their hands full with all the sites and places to become visited. But first off, people who will be visiting Ivory Coast for the very first time must check out Yamussukro, the capital in the nation, and see the Notre Dame de la Paix that is a replica on the San Pedro in Rome.

Then for a little nature escapade, the Tai National Park is the ideal place to see. The attractive Tai National Park it’s actually one or more of the last virgin forest areas in the whole continent. The park is protected and touring the area requires travelers to first secure a license from the Ministry of Waters and woodlands of Abidjan. Travelers who have been in a position to stroll through the towering trees while paying attention to the sound of insects resonating all during the forest can attest to the beauty and charm that this park holds.

Apart from its lush woodlands and picturesque vistas, Ivory Coast also prides itself in its lively festivals. During the month of November, the Fete des Masques or Festival of Masks is contained Man that is situated at the center and western area of the region. Here, locals dance while wearing traditional conventional and colorful masks, honoring the forest spirits. As Africa is thought of as a festival continent, holidaymakers can chance upon brighter and exciting festivals in Ivory Coast except for this.

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Simply put, Ivory Coast could well be every traveler’s exotic dream destination.