Three Secret Spots to Visit on a Romantic Trip to North Devon

Three Secret Spots to Visit on a Romantic Trip to North Devon

Devon is a rural and beautiful county in the Southwest section of England. Its white sandy beaches and high cliffs in the northern and in the southern area are historical and present day fishing ports. Tourism is a vital industry in Devon counties. North Devon homes two of the highest cliffs in the southern area of the United Kingdom and is recognized as one of the U.K.’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Global visitors are warmly welcomed in North Devon. No matter what your vacation plans are, you will find them in this rural northern territory. Are you seeking a quiet, rural get-a-away, rather than checking into a North Devon B&B then North Devon beaches and coves are what you are looking for. Head your car toward the town of Lynton and onto the Martinhoe cross until the road ends in a junction. You are now 500 meters above Woody Bay beach, which is an enclosed bay with densely wooded steep cliffs. Let your eyes follow the gushing stream flowing downward, pointing the way to Wood Bay beach. A narrow winding path, following along-side the gushing stream, will take you to the beach, where you can just sit, relax and meditate in a beautiful environment. The beach is filled with pebbles, large rocks and smooth gravel, surrounded by dense woodlands, which is why it is called Woody Bay. This beach is a secluded wonderland, which is open year round.

For a picturesque view of lush valleys amid a secluded rocky cove, then take the A39 Atlantic Highway, away from North Devon B&B inns and you will arrive at Bucks Mills. The Bucks Mill area of Clovelly is popular for great fishing, but there are areas which are somewhat isolated, yet set in a pleasant quiet setting. Bucks Mills, is an out of the way retreat, featuring a sandy white beach, located at the bottom of an old fishing village. Its roadway, narrowly winds down a river valley, which passes through the village, ending at the beach, where persons are unhampered by noise, shops or in any cases, other persons. When people feel adventuresome, they can find their way to the beach, where you can relax, picnic, sun bathe or swim in the waters near the beach.

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Located within the Lynton parish is Wringcliff Bay. Known as part of the Valley of Rocks, this coastline beach stretches for miles and miles, winding throughout majestic cliffs. Wringcliff Bay is a great beach for secluded picnics, sun bathing and relaxing, with the only sound of your breathing and the sea lapping against the many large and jagged rocks around you. Hidden coves are sprinkled amid limestone cliffs and are an ideal remote environment for exploring or just meditating on the beauty which will surround you.