Wildlife Tours – A Unique Visual of the Indian Wildlife

Wildlife Tours – A Unique Visual of the Indian Wildlife

India offers a wide variety of fauna throughout its landscape. Not only is it diverse in its wildlife but it is also offers a wide array of wildlife biosphere. To add to its bounty, the government of the country has been making efforts to conserve the country’s wildlife with the help of sanctuaries and national parks in every part of the country. The best benefit comes with the fact that it has helped to watch and see the wildlife in their natural habitats without any threats to them.

India is famed to have more than 90 national parks and close to 500 sanctuaries, which also includes around 28 tiger reserves preserving the wild fauna of the country. These natural biospheres house many of India’s prominent animals of the wild including the Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions and elephants, Indian one horned rhinoceros, and other animals.

Among the most prominent wildlife India tours include the visits to the worldly renowned national parks and sanctuaries, which hold the wildlife in their natural forms.

The Jim Corbett National Park: Well known for its stories in children’s books, India’s first national park has excited wildlife photographers and researchers for a long time and still holds the same charm. Located in the hills of Uttrakhand, this park is most famous for its tigers- the National animal of India. Apart from the crouching tigers, it is also known for migratory birds, leopards, Himalayan black bears, jungle cats and grey mongoose among others.

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Ranthambhore National Park: One among the largest wildlife parks in India, this park is home to the highly endangered tigers, black bucks, elephants, leopards and panthers. The Sariska Tiger Reserve is famed with its tiger reserves along with the species of golden jackals, blackbucks, and striped hyenas. Jungle and nighttime safaris are the most famed additions in this national park.

The Kaziranga National Park located in Assam holds the reserve of Indian one-horned Rhinoceros along with avian species. The Bandhavgarh Park in the hills of Vindhya located in Madhya Pradesh has the largest total of tigers in India. The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, located in the desert state of Rajasthan, is worldly renowned for its birds and Siberian cranes which stop every year at this location during migration. This sanctuary has enthused ornithologists aiding them with information about the migration patterns, and has been an active enthusiasm among tourists.

These wildlife sanctuaries and parks add to the biosphere of the country. Wildlife safari tours have been famous among tourists because of their additional adventures that these tours offer. Along with the jungle safaris and animal rides, these tours have become a great success. Not only are these tours complete with excitement, but they are handled with great precision covering all the aspects of travel. Proper accommodation and food services conducted by the touring agencies help tourists a convenient and safe trip along with a taste of the Indian wildlife.